Redefining DeFi

The next generation DEX aggregator

DeFi for everyone

Our goal is to create a user-friendly and improved UI and DEX aggregator for decentralized trading. With the rise in popularity of DeFi and decentralized exchanges, like Uniswap, the founding team concluded that the current state of decentralized exchanges and its procedures are too complicated and user unfriendly.

We want to bring mass adoption to DeFi trading by creating friendly UIs and improved mobile trading experience for users by launching mobile apps on multiple operating systems. Our goal is to achieve a centralized trading experience while trading fully decentralized.

Get paid to trade

Traders on our platform will get rewarded in our XSTAR token. Every trade will earn some XSTAR, this serves as incentive to attract more users and traders to the platform.

StarCurve is a DEX aggregator. Our engine will index liquidity from various DEXes and get the best possible match for your trade.

Our roadmap includes implementing advanced order types, such as limit order, in our engine. A layer-2 solution to bring even more advanced order types to DeFi trading is also described in our roadmap.

Staking 2.0

XSTAR token holders can stake their XSTAR UNI-V2 LP tokens in our staking portal.

Rewards are paid out from our liquidity pool, and not minted. This means the XSTAR total supply will not increase, unlike other farming/staking incentives.

Besides rewards from our liquidity pool, 90% of the fees collected through our trading platform will go to the token holders. This serves as additional bonus on top of the liquidity pool rewards.

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